Pindah lagi?

Saya dah pindah kak. Tuan rumah dah bersara jadi dia nak duduk sini. Saya kena cari rumah lain. Rumah baru dekat-dekat sini jugak. Okay lah. 2 bilik tapi dapur luas…

Rumah baru –> cheura@wordpress


Jom gi Kelate

Ke Kelantan esok malam. Bawa mak dan abah ke rumah adik.

Angah, kirim penyepit langsir 8 pasang! Kat Kamdar dah habis. Kat SSF tak ada. Kat sini barang-barang moden kurang!

Angah, kirim keropok belinjau belum goreng setengah kilo!

Hohohoho! Ana naik rumah baru. Kalau dia dapat pergi Homelife masa tengah sale hari tu mesti dia mabuk perabut!

Week 31

Hi cheura! Sofa recliners can be very comfortable for us, but dangerous for babies. When a small child stands up on the couch cushion of a sofa recliner, his or her tiny legs can slip down between the cushions and be injured by sharp pieces of the reclining mechanism just below the cushion. If you have a sofa recliner or are visiting someone who does, protect your baby’s little feet and give him or her a safe place to step by placing rolled towels between the cushions.

Your New Baby

At seven months old, babies usually range from 25 inches long and 14.25 pounds (10th percentile) to 28 inches long and 19.5 pounds (90th percentile).
By playing with your baby, you’re helping him or her develop some of the social skills that he or she will need when he or she begins to interact with other children. The more you play with him or her, the faster he or she will learn to recognize when someone is interested in playing with him or her and understand how to evaluate non-verbal communication. You’re also teaching your baby the value of sharing a game or toy with another person.

You may experience a bit of discomfort while nursing once your baby’s teeth start erupting and he or she bites your nipples. Don’t let this deter you from continuing to breastfeed. He or she’s not biting to hurt you; he or she doesn’t yet understand that it hurts. Although it may be difficult, try to remain calm when he or she bites. Any strong reaction may prompt him or her to try again just to see what you’ll do. Instead, remain calm and tell him or her “no” in a firm voice. Remove your nipple from his or her mouth and wait a minute or two before trying to resume nursing. He or she will quickly learn that if he or she bites, the food goes away. Be patient, it may take a couple of interrupted feedings before he or she understands this cause and effect, but soon you’ll be nursing bite-free again.

You may find yourself wondering why your baby seems to act up when you’re around, while other caregivers report that he or she’s a joy to care for. He or she may be young, but he or she’s already figuring out how to manipulate you. He or she is testing his or her limits and learning how far he or she can go before you give in to his or her requests. Take charge of the situation now by setting limits. Be sure your requests are age appropriate, but remember that it’s not too early to learn that we don’t hit, we share, and that food goes in our mouth, not on the floor.

A Quote Worth Repeating

The more people have studied different methods of bringing up children, the more they have come to the conclusion that what good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.
~ Dr. Benjamin Spock

A Tip from the Trenches

A teething ring can help relieve your baby’s teething aches and pains. You can also try rubbing his or her gums gently with your finger; or freeze a clean, wet, terry cloth potholder for a quick teething pain reliever. Your little teether will like to chew and pull on it. When the potholder is no longer cold, throw it in the wash and then refreeze it. Knowing a few new things to ease your baby’s pain when he or she is teething will help you feel a little better as well.

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Impian Illyana

Jangan kutuk orang lain, nanti apa yang dikutuk kena kat diri sendiri.

Aku kutuk Munee pasal minat sangat kat Impian Illyana masa musim pertama dulu. Sekarang, aku pulak yang kemaruk dengan musim ke-2 cerita ni.

Hari ni episod terakhir. Biasalah, happy ending. Terimpi gaks kat satu-satunya skuter yang seumpamanya di dunia tu tapi emm… kalau dah tak join peraduan tu jangan nak mimpi lah dapat ehehe.