Salam Aidil Adha

Beraya di Kelang. Sambutannya biasa-biasa sahaja. Dalam kepala macam-macam nak masak tapi satu pun tak menjadi.

Na`im tak berapa sihat, jadi melekat aje kat emak dia macam pacat sedut darah. Pacat kecil, kalau melekat kat betis pun masih bebas bergerak ke sana-sini. Tapi pacat ini sebesar betis jadi memang tak bebas nak buat kerja.

Kasihan anak emak. Itu baru nak masuk 2 batang. Ada lagi 18 dalam giliran. Jadi, sabar aje lah ye.



Embah Ayer Hitam (Hj. Sanusi Hj. Omar) telah kembali ke rahmatullah lewat petang semalam di usia 85 tahun (250721-261206).

Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan hamba-hamba-Nya yang soleh. Amin.


Johor masih hujan. Kalau ikut ramalan, sampai ke Hari Raya Aidil Adha nanti hujannya. Kalau tak hujan petang dan malam, hujan akan turun sepanjang hari. Siap ribut petir lagi petang awal tahun 2007 nanti.

Alhamdulillah, Taman Teratai tidak dilanda banjir. Cuma, ehe BDT pulak yang kebanjiran. Getah cermin dah kembang agaknya. Soyok pulak hanya separuh. Jadi bila hujan agak lebat, menitis jugalah air ke dalam kereta. Emm rasa macam kelakar pun ada. Orang timba perahu, kami timba kereta. Adoilah, dalam cuaca lembab gini baunya jangan cerita. Kepam habis.

Moga-moga cuaca akan elok 2-3 hari lagi nanti. Dapat lah balik beraya di Kelang. Dah rindu sangat dengan keluarga di Kelang sebenarnya. BDT, sabar ye. 2-3 hari nanti insya-Allah dapat tayar baru. Kita balik Kelang sama-sama. Pesan kat enjin jangan nakal-nakal!.

Buat mangsa banjir, bersabarlah. Setiap musibah yang melanda, ada hikmah yang tidak terduga.

Week 35

If you’ve been putting some miles on your baby’s stroller, it may be time for a safety inspection and some maintenance. Be sure to check the stroller regularly for any parts that may have broken off or come loose which your baby could find and put in his or her mouth. Make sure the wheels, brakes, and straps are in good working order and there are no sharp edges around the stroller. Finish it off with a thorough wipe-down and you’ll be ready to cruise in style (and safety) again.

Your New Baby

At eight months old, babies usually range from 25.25 inches long and 15.25 pounds (10th percentile) to 28.5 inches long and 20.5 pounds (90th percentile).
Once your baby starts pulling themselves up on furniture, it’s time to inspect your home for rocking chairs, recliners, and anything else on wheels or that’s unstable. If your baby tries to pull themselves up on an item that moves, shifts, or falls over, he or she can go tumbling (and the item can fall on top of him or her). Block his or her access to these unstable items as much as possible using baby gates or simply move the item to a room that is inaccessible to him or her.
If you are still nursing your baby, there may come a time when he or she just doesn’t seem interested anymore. This is common in babies around this age. They are so interested in the world around them that they don’t want to take time out to eat anymore – but it is generally just a phase and passes with time. When it’s time to nurse, try moving into another room that is quiet and free of toys that could distract your baby. Turn off the TV and any other noises that might pique his or her curiosity. Also try nursing him or her when he or she is sleepy – a tired baby might be more apt to stop playing so that he or she can eat.
Your baby understands more of what you say and he or she may comprehend common words like “ball” and “bottle.” Satisfy his or her thirst for knowledge by reading him or her lots of baby books and telling him or her the name for everything. He or she’s taking in every word!

A Quote Worth Repeating

“Children have more need of models, than of critics.”
~ Joseph Joubert

A Tip from the Trenches

A trip to the supermarket becomes a whole new adventure when you have your baby in tow. Now that he or she is getting older and more active, he or she may not appreciate sitting still while you browse the aisles. There are (at least) 5 things to remember about your child’s safety in a shopping cart:

  1. Try to use an infant seat whenever one is available, or use a front carrier.
  2. Always use the restraining belt.
  3. Never allow a child to stand in the basket of the cart.
  4. Never allow a child to ride outside the cart.
  5. Most importantly, never leave your child unattended.

As your child gets older, it will become more difficult for him or her to wait patiently in line. Here are five things to entertain him or her while you wait.

  1. If he or she knows colors, ask your baby to find a color.
  2. Read a short book. Keep one in your purse for shopping trips.
  3. Identify foods in the basket.
  4. Ask your baby to point to a part of his or her body when you say it.
  5. Sing songs together. You may be a little embarrassed, but usually other people smile and join in.

BabyWeekly™ NewsLetter

Tentang cinta & cemburu sang hati

Suatu ketika dahulu.

Hati tahu kisah mereka kerana hati dekat dengan mereka. Hati cuba untuk tidak ambil tahu sebenarnya kerana hati takut terguris. Tetapi, kedegilan hati menyebabkan hati sanggup terguris sedikit untuk ambil tahu juga perkembangan kisah mereka. Kerana? kerana apa ya Muhammad Adip? (hahaha terpengaruh sekejap dengan Dunia Baru!). Kerana, sebenarnya hati ada “hati” (cinta?) dengan seorang daripada mereka.

Itu cerita dahulu.

Sekarang. Hati gembira. Hati berbunga-bunga. Kerana? kerana hati akhirnya berjaya mendapat cinta itu. Tetapi, hati tidak tahu bahawa cinta datang bersama pakej cemburu!. Ya, sifat ingin tahunya nanti akan berkadar terus dengan perasaan cemburu.

Hati tetap ingin tahu apakah kisah mereka selepas “suatu ketika dahulu”. Hati tahu sebenarnya, kalau hati tahu kisah mereka selepas “suatu ketika dahulu” hati akan terguris lagi. Tetapi, kedegilan hati juga menyebabkan hati sanggup terguris sedikit untuk ambil tahu juga perkembangan mereka selepas “suatu ketika dahulu”.

Hati dapat apa yang hati cari. Tetapi hati terguris dengan sangat pedih. Hati dapat satu pengajaran. Rupa-rupanya gurisan “sekarang” adalah lebih pedih dari gurisan “suatu ketika dahulu”. Kerana? kerana gurisannya telah ditebalkan dengan perasaan cemburu. Dan, hati juga dapat satu lagi pengajaran. Hati tidak boleh terbalikkan masa silam walaupun jam pasir boleh ditonggang-terbalikkan.

Kasihan. Hati akan merasai kepedihan dari gurisan yang tebal itu sepanjang hayatnya. Kasihan. Hati yang gembira di suratannya tetapi kepedihan yang tersirat sebenarnya. Kasihan. Hati hadapi semua ini hanya kerana cinta.

CINTA | Buta kerana tiada mata. Suci kerana tiada hati. Cinta adalah cinta.

p/s: Jangan minta hati untuk melupakan sahaja sifat ingin tahunya itu untuk tenang. Kerana? kerana sudah sifat hati untuk mudah memaafkan, tetapi sukar untuk melupakan.

Week 34

If your baby loves to play outdoors, make him or her a smaller version of a sandbox with a large, plastic storage container and oatmeal. Just fill the container half-full of dry oatmeal and throw in some toys. Your baby will love to feel the oatmeal between his or her fingers and any oatmeal tossed out of the container can be left as a treat for the birds to eat, or vacuumed up if you’re inside the house. When playtime is over, just snap on the lid until next time.

If your baby is playing outside and you’re worried about scraped knees from crawling on cement, take a tip from another mom and use a pair of your old tube-style sport socks. They’re tall enough to cover his or her knees and thick enough to provide a soft cushion against scrapes.

Your New Baby

Try not to get upset when your baby throws things – it’s just a stage in his or her muscular development. It’s important for him or her to experiment with hand-arm movements and to see the results of his or her actions. It will take a while for your baby to actually be able to let go at the proper moment to propel an object across the room. But who knows? You could have a star pitcher on your hands in a few years! Give your little slugger soft toys that won’t damage your home or hurt a sibling if hurled from a distance. Damage control is sometimes the name of the game.

Encourage your baby to stand by placing one of his or her favorite toys on the seat of a sturdy chair. Show him or her that the toy is there, and cheer him or her on to get up and grab it.

Have you noticed your baby displaying a fear of strangers yet? Your once-outgoing baby who would allow anyone and everyone to pick him or her up may appear anxious when a stranger enters the room and decide to hide his or her head in your shoulder or cling to your legs. Your baby may also be increasingly afraid when you are not around and may continue to cry when you drop him or her off at day care or leave for the evening. Help your baby adjust by staying nearby as he or she learns to accept a new person and give him or her extra attention and one-on-one time before you leave and when you return. Playing games like peek-a-boo will help reinforce the idea that you’re not gone forever and that you will return soon.

A Quote Worth Repeating

“Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.”
~ Lady Bird Johnson

A Tip from the Trenches

Many active babies could not care less if their diaper is clean – as important as it may be to Mom. They don’t want to sit still long enough for their diaper to be changed, and can get cranky. Try the following tips to help end the diaper changing battle:

  • Distract your baby. Keep a flashlight or other special toy with your changing supplies and let him or her play with it while you change him or her. Call this the “diaper toy” and put it away when the change is complete. If you reserve these toys only for diaper time, they will retain their novelty for a long time.
  • Have some fun. This is a great time to sing songs, blow tummy raspberries, or tickle and play.
  • It’s easy for diaper changes to become routine or even a dreaded wrestling match given the sheer number of changes you go through each day. If you’re not having fun, neither will your baby. Try to make this activity a special moment in your day to slow the hectic pace and reconnect with him or her.

BabyWeekly ™ NewsLetter

Lumpit Nurseri

Menyediakan perkhidmatan membela ulat bulu, ulat beluncas dan lain-lain spesis ulat. Makanan disediakan. Harga boleh dirunding.

Sedia menerima tempahan untuk lawatan sambil belajar Kitar Hidup kupu-kupu dari telur~ulat~kepompong~kupu-kupu.


P/S : pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab sekiranya anda mengalami gatal-gatal kulit atau ruam. Sapa suruh pegang ulat bulu tu..!!!

Abang, ulat bulu dah buat kepompong dekat langsir lagi…