Baa, baa, black sheep

Baa baa baa maa maa maa maa baa baa maa maa. Perkataan baru Na`im. Abah dia pun ajarlah lagu penuhnya…

    • Baa, baa, black sheep
    • Have you any wool
    • Yes sir, yes sir
    • Three bags full
    • One for my master
    • One for my dame
    • One for the little boy
    • Who lives down the lane.

Mari kita nyanyi sama-sama!


Week 39 Baby Tip

Lead Poisoning

According to the National Safe Kids Coalition, an estimated 1.7 million children, age five and under, have lead levels in their blood high enough to affect their intelligence and development. The most common cause of lead poisoning among children is the ingestion of dust from deteriorating lead-based paint. More than 80 percent of publicly- and privately-owned housing units built before 1980 contain some lead-based paint. To limit your child’s exposure to lead in the home:

  • Always have your child wash his hands before meals, snacks, nap time and bedtime.
  • Keep your child away from chipping, peeling and flaking paint.
  • Keep the areas where your child plays as dust-free as possible.
  • Do not allow your child to chew or suck on painted surfaces such as painted window sills, cribs, playpens, or old painted toys.
  • Wash pacifiers often and pin them on a short ribbon to your child’s shirt.
  • Keep your child’s clothes clean by changing them frequently.
  • When playing inside, place a clean blanket on the floor or carpet for babies to play on. (Always keep the same side up and wash often.)
  • Wash toys and stuffed animals regularly.

BabyWeekly™ Tips

Week 39

Syrup of ipecac, which induces vomiting, was once the American Academy of Pediatrics’ treatment of choice for a child who swallowed a poisonous substance. However, the AAP now discourages this practice, as there is no evidence that vomiting actually removes poison from a child’s body. Emergency rooms have stopped using ipecac and now administer activated charcoal, which binds to poisons in the stomach and prevents them from entering the bloodstream. In addition, continued vomiting due to syrup of ipecac may make a child unable to tolerate activated charcoal or other poison treatments in the future.

If you have syrup of ipecac at home, dispose of it safely by flushing it down the toilet. And remember that prevention is the best defense against poisoning. Keep potential poisons out of site and out of reach, secure child-resistant caps on medications after use, keep products in their original containers, and discard medications after their expiration date.

Your New Baby

At nine months old, babies usually range from 26.25 inches long and 16 pounds (10th percentile) to 29 inches long and 21.5 pounds (90th percentile).

Your baby no doubt knows his or her name and understands many words for people or objects that he or she loves. Your baby also understands common gestures. For example, if you motion for him or her to “come here,” he or she will probably crawl over to you without having to hear the words. He or she is also an expert babbler and probably loves to repeat one sound or series of sounds over and over.

Since your baby is probably mimicking many of your behaviors – the good as well as the bad – now’s the time to think about what behaviors you’d like to change or improve in yourself before he or she starts following your example. For example, if you react calmly when things don’t go your way, then your baby is likely to do the same. If you get upset and yell, he or she is likely to mirror that behavior as well. That can be a scary thought. People often wonder how they became just like their parents. Well, it all starts now.

Does your baby like to clap his or her hands and move his or her body to music? Rhythm and interactive games are big favorites right now. Try teaching him or her the finger movements to songs like “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “This Little Piggy Went to Market.” Point out body parts such as your eye, nose, mouth to help him or her learn the words – soon he or she will be able to point to the correct body part along with you.

A Quote Worth Repeating

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

A Tip from the Trenches

A couple of toys in your purse or diaper bag can come in handy to distract your baby in the midst of a temper tantrum. Make these toys exclusive to your handbag or diaper bag so they’ll be fresh and interesting when a tantrum starts. Distraction has proven to be an effective tantrum stopper, so keep the toys out of sight until you need them. Present them as necessary as long as they hold your baby’s attention. When that toy no longer works, replace it with a different, more interesting toy. Tantrums will happen, but a little forethought can shorten the stress on both you and your baby.

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Cerita tongkang pecah & stokin

Rumah aku macam tongkang pecah. Tongkang pecah pun tak macam rumah aku. Hari-hari basuh baju, berlipatnya tidak. QA strict sangat. Semuanya reject belaka. Ehe si mat Na`im lah tu. Makanya, sofa jadi tempat duduk kain. Tuan sofa duduk atas lantai. Cantik!.

“Kawan abang nak datang rumah malam ni. Nak hantar kad jemputan”. “Apa?”. Zup! Zap! Zup! Zap! Pergh! Sofa clear. Semua baju sudah disumbat dalam playpen Na`im. (Bagus juga kalau ada orang datang rumah hari-hari, sure rumah kemas har har har).

“Stokin abang mana?”. “Dalam almari”. Beberapa minit berlalu. Jengah ke bilik. Cik abang masih membelek-belek stokin. “Jumpa ke pasangannya?”. “Entah, semua dah jadi duda dengan janda je”. Wargahahaha hampes!.

Kawan tu tak jadi datang pun…

Salam Hijrah 1428

Doa akhir tahun. Dibaca seelok-eloknya pada akhir waktu Asar sebelum masuknya waktu Maghrib hari terakhir bulan Zulhijjah.

“Semoga segala dosa-dosa yang telah lepas mendapat keampunan Allah yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Pengasih. Dan segala kebaikan yang yang telah dilakukan mendapat keredhaan dan ganjaran sebagaimana yang dijanjikan Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.”

Doa awal tahun. Dibaca selepas waktu Maghrib pada malam 1 Muharram.

“Semoga amalan di tahun ini lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Ya Allah, berkatilah kami. Tunjukkan kami jalan yang lurus. Jalan orang-orang yang Engkau beri nikmat dan bukan jalan orang-orang yang Engkau murkai.”

Sumber: JAKIM

Week 38

In Florida, Arizona, Texas and California, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for infants and young children under the age of 4 years; and nationwide, drowning remains the second-leading cause of injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years.

Never leave your baby unattended around water – even for a second and even near innocent-seeming items such as a bucket, bowl, toilet, tub, sink, or puddle. A baby can drown in as little as one inch of water. If you have a wading pool, be sure to drain it when you’re not using it, and if you have a full-sized pool, install a safety gate.

Your New Baby

Your baby is learning to grasp small objects between his or her thumb and index finger and can judge depth more accurately, both of which will have him or her picking up everything from a favorite toy to each crumb of dropped food you missed when cleaning the floor. Your baby is also starting to respond to simple commands and may give Mommy a toy or share his or her finger food. What a giver! The ability to sit unassisted for 15 minutes and reach for a toy without losing his or her balance will have both of you beaming with pride. You have many reasons for commending your baby now. . . not that you needed another excuse to show your adoration.

As your baby is becoming more attached to you, he or she might also be becoming more attached to an inanimate object, such as his or her pacifier, a toy, or a favorite blanket. This is another sign of separation anxiety. As your baby realizes that you may not always be there right by his or her side, he or she decides to attach themselves to something that he or she can keep with him or her at all times. This insecurity may also be intensified by a big change, such as a new babysitter, or if you moved into a new, bigger house.

Your baby is probably pulling themselves up and may be able to lean against furniture with his or her hands free. Despite taking lots of tumbles, your baby is determined to conquer gravity. Soften his or her falls by placing rugs or blankets under the furniture he or she uses for balance.

Don’t feel pressured to wean your little one simply because he or she is eating solid foods now. There are many benefits to extended nursing, including the infection-fighting antibodies he or she receives with each ounce of breast milk, and the unique bonding that occurs during nursing. Remember, experts advise that breast milk (or formula) should still make up 75 percent of your baby’s daily diet throughout the second half of his or her first year.

A Quote Worth Repeating

“Storms make oaks take deeper roots.”
~ George Herbert

A Tip from the Trenches

Once your baby is eating solid foods, it’s important to help him or her develop healthy habits. The following tips will help:

  • Don’t overfeed your baby. He or she will let you know he or she is full by turning his or her face away.
  • Don’t force your baby to eat foods he or she doesn’t like. Respect his or her preferences and avoid power struggles over food.
  • Feed your baby a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Use sweets, salts, and fats in moderation.
  • Avoid fast food.
  • Don’t use food as a bribe or reward. Instead, offer plenty of hugs, kisses, and attention.

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Dulu masa engkau kecil, di rumah engkau ada televisyen tak?. Rumah aku tak ada. Aku orang susah, jadi daripada beli televisyen lebih baik bapak aku beli susu tin Cap Junjung untuk anak-anak dia yang berderet paku ni.

Masa tu engkau suka tengok cerita apa? Aku suka tengok Ultraman. Kalau aku nak tengok Ultraman aku mesti pergi rumah jiran. Ada duit aku bayarlah sepuluh sen. Tak ada duit, aku buatlah muka sepuluh sen. 

Televisyen tu kecil aje. Tak pasti televisyen berapa inci sebab masa kat sekolah tadika KEMAS cikgu tak ajar ukuran inci. Masa tu tak ada karen. Jadi televisyen tu guna karen dari bateri yang macam bateri kereta. Bila nyawa bateri tinggal nyawa-nyawa Ultraman… nit not nit not, dia orang akan bawa ke kedai untuk dicas balik.

Angan-angan aku, bila besar nanti dan ada duit aku nak beli televisyen sendiri.

Bila dah kerja dapat juga aku beli televisyen. Terpaksa beli sebab kawan serumah dah kahwin jadi dia bawa televisyen tu pindah ke rumah baru bersama teman baru.

Televisyen 21 inci. Tunai RM 800.00. Hutang kad kredit kawan. Beli pukul 11.00 malam. Tak mampu dah nak tunggu esok takut kesawanan sebab aku rasa macam tak boleh hidup kalau tak dengar jugak bunyi televisyen membebel.

Eiii rasa macam nak humban aje televisyen tu. Jual lelong ke… sengal. Cakap televisyen lebih laku daripada cakap aku…